Rickshaws are a common mode of transport for the locals.

So, you've never been to India before?

India is a wonderful place of the most extreme contrasts - where rich palaces and maharajas live literally alongside the third world poverty of India's shanty towns. India is a poor nation by western standards, and a bit of culture shock is inevitable when you first arrive.

Roads are crowded with more cars, trucks, bikes, pedestrians and animals than there are lanes to fit them into, and there seems to be no road rules at all. This is why we recommend using a local driver.

Cows are sacred, and as a result Indians do not eat beef. There is plenty of lamb, chicken and other meats in their delicious curries. Some areas, like Rishikesh, are strictly vegetarian towns.

Being a tourist

When traveling through India as a tourist,
you may be treated as a bit of a celebrity in many of the smaller towns and villages. Crowds of school children will rush over to get a look and practice their English on you.

Some of the poorer people may beg for money as you pass through their town in your car. This can be distressful to first time travelers, as the people really need your money, but we do not want to encourage this behavior by giving to them. Instead, it is better make a donation to the local school.

but, most of all...

India has it's own way of doing things, and it's best to just go with the flow and you will have the holiday of your life.